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Gain hands-on project experience and learn in-demand backend development skills

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We help you upskill as a Backend Developer

Our Backend Web Developer Track is mindfully created to equip you with everything it takes to succeed. Learn backend development hands-on with real projects involving the latest tech.

Get started with Linux, Git, Java, Debugging. Strengthen your fundamentals in an applied way
Learn professional Java development, OOP Design, Backend development with Spring Boot, MongoDB and Redis
Build 3 independent projects at various stages of the program to apply your learning
Deploy your dockerized server in AWS & gain exposure to Microservices, Async messaging (Kafka, RabbitMQ), caching, and much more!

Start your backend development journey, now!

Next Batch: November 07, 2020
Crio Career Prep Pack

We don’t just invest in your upskilling.

Own your career trajectory with focus and structure.
Career Planning & Coaching
  • S.M.A.R.T. goal setting
  • Personalised career planning
  • Group office hours with career coaches
Interview Prep Content
  • Curated concept-wise DS/Algo problems
  • Mock test series (5+ Mock Tests)
  • Mock interview recordings
Profile Review
  • Resume & LinkedIn profile review
  • Industry-tested profile guidelines
  • Tips and hacks to get noticed by recruiters

Let us launch your Backend Developer career

5 Stellar Projects to #learnbydoing & get hands-on backend experience
Course Completion Certifications & Shareable Linkedin Badges to showcase your achievements
Career Guidance from experienced developers and career coaches
Project-backed Portfolio that impresses any hiring manager
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Why Developers love Crio

Don’t just take our word. Hear the journey of developers with us. And, embark on yours!

Vishal Bihani

Software Engineer, Principal Global Services

Explore Backend Web Developer Track

A backend developer with solid engineering skills is one of the most sought-after engineers in the market today. The broad scope of skills required to build a scalable and distributed web backend makes it a challenging role to fulfill.

The Backend Web Developer Track is designed to make you a skilled developer ready to take on significant engineering roles in top tech companies.


(₹ 34,999)
1 Week Free Trial
Excel in your trial week and bag scholarship
6666/month (3 month no cost EMI)
Next Batch : November 07, 2020
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Prerequisite :
Basic programming in any language


(₹ 34,999)
1 Week Free Trial
Excel in your trial week and bag scholarship
6666/month (3 month no cost EMI)
Next Batch : November 07, 2020
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Basic programming in any language

What is covered in this track

  • Developer Essentials

    Get an in-depth introduction to developer workflows in Linux.
    Linux Fundamentals
    Developer Best Practices
    1. Developer workflows in Linux
      • - Linux terminal with bash commands and basic shell scripting
      • - File, process and system management commands in Linux
      • - Text processing commands in Linux
    2. Git
      • - Introduction to version control with Git
      • - Clone, pull, commit and push
      • - Automatic merge and handling merge conflicts
    3. Effective debugging skills for developers

  • Java Essentials

    Level up your foundational Java skills.
    Basic Java Syntax
    1. Getting started with Java using VSCode
    2. Introduction to Java Classes and Inheritance
    3. Java Classpath and Dependencies (JAR files)
    4. Unit testing with JUnit
    5. Basic Java debugging skills to solve compilation errors, debug NullPointerExceptions and read stack traces.
    6. Introduction to Interfaces and Annotations in Java

  • Crio Build-outs: Level-1

    Apply your learnings from Java Essentials to build your first Java project from scratch

  • Crio Micro-Experience: QMoney

    Start your backend development journey in Java by building QMoney - a visual stock portfolio analyzer.
    consuming REST APIs
    Exception Handling
    1. Handling JSON using Jackson - a standard Java library.
    2. Consuming REST APIs using Spring RestTemplate
    3. OOP abstraction using Java Interfaces
    4. Refactoring code in Java
    5. Java build systems - Gradle
    6. Exception handling and debugging

  • Crio Build-outs: Level-2

    Apply your QMoney learnings to build an intermediate Java project on your own.

  • Crio Micro-Experience: QEats

    Build a scalable web backend for a food ordering app
    MVCS (Spring Boot)
    Scientific Debugging Skills
    1. Get started with Spring Boot - a framework to build web applications in Java.
    2. Use Lombok to add serialization support to transform JSON into Java objects.
    3. Build your first REST API endpoint to lookup nearby restaurants
    4. Unit testing with Mockito
    5. Introduction to MongoDB
    6. Accessing MongoDB using Spring Data
    7. Scientific debugging skills
    8. Caching with Redis

  • Crio Build-outs: Level-3

    Capstone project to apply all your learnings in the Java Backend Web Developer Track to build a fully-functional web backend from scratch independently.

  • Cloud Deployment

    1. Get started with dockerizing your server
    2. Deploy in AWS and show-off to your friends
    3. Understand various components of a distributed system and how they fit together - Micro-services, Async messaging (Kafka, RabbitMQ), Caching, Load Balancers etc.

  • Career Prep Pack

    1. Get personalised career planning and coaching
    2. Access a curated, concept-wise set of DS/Algo problems
    3. Complete a mock test series (5+ Mock Tests)
    4. Learn interview approaches from mock interview recordings
    5. Learn tips and hacks to get noticed by recruiters


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