My #learnbydoing journey with Crio.Do

My #learnbydoing journey with Crio.Do

In my 3rd year of engineering in Computer Science, I began looking for opportunities to learn new skills and do some projects as well. That is when a senior of mine told me about the projects he had done through Crio and recommended me to check out Crio.Do.

While browsing through the website, I stumbled into Crio’s signature Backend Developer Track and to be honest, I was very curious to experience Crio’s #learnbydoing philosophy before going ahead with the program.

And the great thing about this course is that we didn’t have to pay for it until we were convinced by the end of the trial week. Not just that, Crio’s team had even organized sessions to clear up our doubts before enrolling into the program. I found this very useful and got a real taste of #learnbydoing that was in store for me in the upcoming weeks.

By the end of the trial week, I was impressed by how the learning content was structured to help me complete the tasks on my own and decided to go ahead with the program to become a skilled and independent backend developer.

The following weeks exceeded my expectations. I successfully built interesting real world projects on my own and at the same time was also backed up by experienced mentors who pointed me in the right direction whenever I got stuck.

This helped me learn about a number of new things like implementing REST APIs, developing applications in a structured manner, managing databases in backend development and so much more.

Within a few weeks into the program, I started allocating a fixed number of hours every day to spend time in the projects. The Dev Sprint Sheet helped me plan the tasks for the week and keep pace with the program timeline. I made sure I devoted at least 2-3 hours for the course every day.

During the weekends, mentors solved our queries during the power working sessions which was a continuous 4-hour session dedicated to making progress with our milestones. They never gave us the solution right away. They motivated us and showed us the right path to find out the solution on our own. This is what I liked the most about Crio’s #learnbydoing motto.

At the end of each project I worked on, I felt more and more confident in my skills and that’s what helped me the most in becoming a skilled and independent developer today.

By the end of the program, I had a strong understanding of technologies used to build scalable products. Most importantly, I learned the art of solving problems faced by backend developers. Crio’s methodology has given me efficient ways to approach real world problems.  

Those of you who are about to begin this journey, make sure you stick to your timeline from start to end. Even if you get stuck, put in a little extra effort to brainstorm, and think about the problem in different ways. From my experience I can tell you that this is how your learning will be fruitful in most parts of your journey. If you’re stuck for too long, don’t hesitate to ask for help. The mentors are always ready to show you the right path.

Even if you do not have much experience or knowledge about software development, Crio Bytes will set a strong foundation of the concepts for you. Bytes are like a warm up before an actual sprint. You get to understand concepts like Spring Boot, MongoDB, Lombok, and more by implementing small functionalities in mini projects. Bytes learning material also has useful documentation that gets you ready to work on actual projects in a job.

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