Want to Make A Career Switch From Non-Tech Field to IT?

Want to Make A Career Switch From Non-Tech Field to IT?

We all might’ve crossed paths with people who choose a career path that is entirely different from their educational background. More often than not, these decisions are a stepping stone in their career. Though it might seem like an easy shift, it sure does need a great amount of courage and determination. In any industry, the skills you have hold more importance than your educational background.

There are many roles in the IT industry including but not limited to backend developer, full-stack developer, or data scientist. So, if you’re from a non-technical background and would like to make a career change to the technical industry, you’re at the right place.

Meet Ajay, a graduate in Mechanical Engineering who worked in the core field for more than 2 years and finally decided to move to the IT sector.

The main reason for his change being the salary structure and the never-ending shifts. Check out Ajay Bhadauriya’s journey.

00:00 Introduction

00:29 Switched from Non-IT to IT

02:00 How Crio.Do helped Ajay

03:08 Crio.Do Courses & Time Duration

05:20 How Crio.Do provided One to One Guidance/Mentorship

06:04 Scholarship in Crio.Do

06:35 How Online Crio.Do is better than Offline Institutes

08:06 Minimum & Maximum Packages

09:20 How to track Own Performance / Performance Tracker

10:17 Course Completion Certification

10:30 Viewer's doubts

10:55 Outro

If you too are looking to switch to the IT sector just like Ajay, check out Crio's Software Developer Programs and see if it is right for you. You can try out the 7-day free trial experience the learning for yourself.

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