How To Get A Job In Goldman Sachs

How To Get A Job In Goldman Sachs

In today’s world, having a good degree is just not enough to bag that job offer you’ve always wanted. Relevant work experience is just as important as your grades when it comes to building a thriving career. Hence, internships have become a necessity as they help candidates make themselves stand out from the crowd. Internships give you real-life exposure, an ability to increase your knowledge, and a chance to discover if you are on the right career track.

But, what if even after giving several exams and interviews you don’t get an internship from college? Disappointing, right? Well, don’t lose hope. Here’s an inspiring story of Ankush, a graduate of Manipal University who didn’t get a single internship in the various companies that came to his college but is now an Analyst in Goldman Sachs.

00:00 Intro

00:28 Background of Ankush

01:05 Internship process

03:27 Taking external courses - Crio.Do course and duration

09:56 Is Crio worth the investment?

12:02 Why practical knowledge is important?

13:17 Glimpse of the interview process

15:35 Analyzing and overcoming weaknesses such as interview skills, analytical thinking, and aptitude with Crio.

18:15 Is Crio.Do recommended?

20:03 Conclusion

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