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Fellowship Program in Software Development

Full Stack Specialisation

Build professional work-like projects to master React, Node JS, MongoDB, Javascript, and more to land a top career as a full-stack developer with guaranteed placement.

Work Experience-Based Learning Approach
to Master In-Demand Developer Skills


20+ micro skilling exercises & 5+ work-like professional projects to master CS Fundamentals and Full-Stack or Backend skills in an actual developer environment.


In-depth, interview-focussed System Design & Data Structures Algorithms curriculum to ace dev interviews.


Real work ex of working on problem statements from leading tech companies like CRED, Playment, Jumbotail, Vicara and more.


9+ live sessions every month with well-structured interactive workshops from seasoned industry professionals.


Project-backed portfolio on GitHub and a work-ex certificate to impress recruiters.


Placement guarantee with job-search support, referrals, and career guidance from experienced career coaches.

Crio Grads have Cracked their Dream Careers In


placed within 9
months of graduation

10 LPA

average dream
job CTC

21 LPA

average super-dream
job CTC




Salary Hike

Modern Work Experience-Based Learning Approach

Immersive Program to land guaranteed jobs at the fastest-growing companies

Get guaranteed placement in top tech companies by mastering in-demand Full-Stack or Backend developer skills through our carefully curated hands-on, work-like, project-based fellowship program.

Build AirBnB-like, Netflix-like, or Amazon-like apps to master MERN, Java, and impress recruiters to land great jobs.

Curriculum to crack dream jobs (6 To 15 LPA) in top Product-Based companies

Additional advanced curriculum to crack super-dream jobs (15 To 40 LPA) at Unicorns and tech giants

Technologies you will master hands-on

Land your dream job with a proven personalized plan!

Get access to Crio’s Exclusive Career Services that will equip you to use your learnings and skills to land your next job.


1:1 Career coaching Sessions with top industry professionals


Live mock interviews with Industry Experts


Series of mock assessments and detailed interview prep sprints to ace top tech jobs


Expert guidance to get your profile (GitHub, LinkedIn, Resume) ready


Guidance to start applying to a diverse set of job opportunities in-line with your career aspirations.

Program Fee and Scholarships

EMI as low as



(For 36 months)

Before Scholarship
A Free Trial Session

No Fee Required

Assured Scholarships

After Free Trial

Pay the success fee only if you land a jobwithin 6 months of placement eligibility date

Success fee is Rs. 19,999 if CTC is less than 20 LPA.
Success fee is Rs. 39,999 if CTC is greater than 20 LPA.
12 month no-cost EMI and 18, 24 & 36 month low-cost EMI available.

Crio’s Job Guarantee Explained

Crio is a partner in our learners’ career transformation and believes that we deserve a portion of the fee only after a successful outcome for our learners. Thus, Crio’s Job Guarantee Programs have a component of “Success Fee”, which is waived off if the job guarantee is not met within 6 months of placement eligibility date

Join A Community Of 10000+ Tech Professionals

Meet and grow together with a community of passionate developers who have taken their careers to new heights with Crio.

Get more insights on how Crio can help you crack a full stack or backend role in top tech companies

Real work experience,
Real project-based learning with Crio

The best way to learn a skill is by applying what you learn in real scenarios. At Crio, we take it a notch higher by giving you actual work experience-based learning. So, instead of just watching tutorials, you actually experience building real products like professional engineers.

Basically, how a real professional working in a leading product company would grow their career.


Recruiters too, look for real project experience when hiring tech professionals and here at Crio, we strive to provide just that. We empower learners with high-quality applied learning opportunities and build skills that translate into career growth and success.

"Their cutting edge platform and pedagogical methods are a class apart and help groom engineers not only on the technical skills but also the tools necessary for today's software development industry"


Piyush Goel

VP - Engineering


"Crio trains developers to have a hunger for self-learning along with good knowledge of tools and methodologies used in day-to-day development, which are THE MOST important qualities for fast-paced and value-driven companies like Jumbotail. Looking forward to hiring more engineers from Crio."


Ramesh Kumar Katreddi

VP - Engineering




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