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A holistic technical learning program for early talent to give them valuable skills and confidence in their ability to perform well as a developer.
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What you get

Entry-level developers armed with Real Capabilities
  • Ability to get things done with Git, Linux & other Development tools
  • Ability to build & deploy responsive websites given design mocks
  • Ability to build & deploy scalable backend given functional requirements
  • Ability to apply good development practices around layering, unit tests, code styling etc
Work-like product building experience
  • Project based learning through Crio Micro-Experience
  • Fully provisioned VM, Git Repos, CI setup for assessment
  • 4-8 weeks of clearly defined learning path
Guided assistance and delivery for developers
  • Remote monitoring and online delivery
  • Continuous remote mentorship via Slack for project guidance
  • Daily Standups and weekly progress status discussions
  • Showcase projects to the engineering leadership
What they learn

Language Fundamentals

Learn language foundations of Java or JavaScript based on the specialization.

Data Types

Developer Essentials

Gain skills that are must-haves for any developer through hands-on activities.


Work-like Professional Projects

Work-like Professional Projects

Work-like Professional Projects

Work-like Professional Projects

Delivered through a work experience-based experiential learning platform

  • Clearly Defined Learning Path: Micro-experience
    (PRDs, Tech Docs, Tasks, Milestones, Deadlines)
  • Project Guidance & Mentorship
    (Mentor Support from Crio tech leads via slack, Contextual help, Community Forum)
  • Fully provisioned dev environment
    (Git workflows, Integrated development environment, Test suites, Cloud deployment)
  • Engaging to the core
    (Crio buddies, Progress Reports, Daily Standups, Memewars)
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Developers love learning on Crio

  • The best thing being the difficulty of modules which made us get out of the comfort zone. The micro-experience gave us a clear idea of how a Scalable distributed system works and the way an app goes into production by building the backend for a real app.

  • Crio.Do's philosophy of "Learn By doing" is a breath of fresh air - we were required to get our hands dirty by coding and learn so many new things unlike the traditional classroom experience in college where it's just passive learning.

  • It is something much more than expected and offers far more than other online courses I have opted earlier. This fast pace modular program not only provided me an insight into how a company works but also helped me to go through the times when it seems impossible to solve the problem

  • The program was intense and created a work-like environment for us to undergo accelerated learning at a fast pace. It was fun working on a real product and solving real-world problems associated with it and helped me gain a holistic understanding of system design.

  • Through this program you get to know about a lot of new technologies and concepts in the field of software development, but perhaps the biggest gain is the ability and confidence to use any new technologies to get the things done.

  • What an amazing journey it was. When I first got to know about the tech stacks covered, I was really nervous, because I have very little or zero experience on them. But the way all the modules are constructed and the amazing support from Crio.Do’s team helped me to learn new things. Feeling proud!

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