Fellowship in Software Development

Learn in-demand tech skills through real work experience of building internship-grade development projects.

Land your dream career as a coveted Full-Stack developer or Backend developer - Guaranteed!

Fully online (9 months)

(Placement starts from
month 6 or earlier)

Free Trial

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Placement Guarantee

(6 - 18 LPA)

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Jan 29, 2022

Elevate Your Developer Career With Real Work Experience

Go beyond video-based certification courses and online bootcamps. Take your developer career to new levels with true, project-based learning and real work experience in Full-Stack or Backend development.

Why Crio
20+ mini-projects and hands-on activities to learn CS Fundamentals and practical developer skills.
Why Crio
4+ internship-grade projects, with mentorship, to master Full-Stack or Backend skills in an actual developer environment.
Why Crio
Well-structured interactive workshops and live sessions from industry seasoned professionals
Why Crio
In-depth coverage of Data Structures, Algorithms and System Design concepts to crack tech interviews
Why Crio
Placement guarantee with job-search support, referrals, and career guidance from experienced career coaches

Developers from Crio have cracked careers in


Learn by building fully functioning software products on your own.

Earn up to ₹ 30,000 scholarship.

Immersive Project-based Program in Software Development

Build your career in full-stack development (JavaScript, React, MERN) or become a coveted backend developer (Java, Spring boot) through our hands-on, project-based learning journey.

Build your portfolio of internship-grade
projects of Netflix, Swiggy-like apps & land top dev roles- guaranteed.

Download Curriculum
Programming Essentials

4 Weeks

Data Structures

16 Weeks

Developer Essentials

12 Weeks

System Design

3 Weeks

Full Stack Development Specialisation (Option 1)

12 Weeks

Backend Development Specialisation (Option 2)

12 Weeks

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Crio Career Services

Get ready to apply all the skills you learn through our fellowship program in software development to ace interviews and land your dream career in software development.

Career Prep
Work closely with expert career coaches to get your profile (GitHub, LinkedIn, Resume) ready.
Career Prep
Sharpen your interview skills through a series of mock assessments and mock interviews.
Career Prep
Get assured referrals to a diverse set of developer job opportunities in-line with your career aspirations.
Career Prep

Program Fee, Scholarships and Job Guarantee

To join program after trial


per month


12 months

(Before Scholarship)

Earn a ₹ 30,000 scholarship

1st week free, no fee required


Assured scholarships after free trial


Pay the remaining fee only if you land a job offering at least a Minimum Guaranteed CTC within 6 months of completing the program

Remaining fee is Rs. 29,999 if CTC less than 15 LPA.
Remaining fee is Rs. 59,999 if CTC greater than 15 LPA.
12 month no-cost EMI available.

How does the program work?

How To
Complete the application
How To
Start your free 1 week trial
How To
Earn your scholarship after the trial
How To
Start your Crio Fellowship Program
How To
Land your dream career

Join 1000+ ambitious developers
who’ve taken their career to new heights with Crio

Get more insights on how Crio can help you crack a full stack or backend role in top tech companies.

Real Work experience

Real Project-based learning

Real Skill development

With Crio

Existing ways available to learn software development through video-based courses and expensive bootcamps aren’t as effective when it comes to solving real-world tech problems.

Recruiters too, look for real software development project experience when hiring developers and here at Crio, we strive to provide just that. We empower developers with high quality applied learning opportunities and build skills that translate into career growth and success.


“Their cutting edge platform and pedagogical methods are a class apart and help groom engineers not only on the technical skills but also the tools necessary for today's software development industry”

Industry Testimonial
Piyush Goel

VP - Engineering

Industry Testimonial

“Crio trains developers to have a hunger for self-learning along with good knowledge of tools and methodologies used in day-to-day development, which are THE MOST important qualities for fast-paced and value-driven companies like Jumbotail. Looking forward to hiring more engineers from Crio.”

Industry Testimonial
Ramesh Kumar Katreddi

VP - Engineering

Industry Testimonial


  • Who is eligible for the Crio Fellowship Program?

    • Crio Fellowship Program is open to students and working professionals.

  • What is a Minimum Guaranteed CTC?

    • Minimum Guaranteed CTC is the minimum salary you will earn once you get hired after completing the Crio Fellowship Program. This is determined based on your profile and your performance in the free trial period.

  • What is the duration of this program?

    • The program takes 9 months to complete if you spend around 15 hours a week.

  • Is this an online program?

    • Yes. This is a completely online program.

  • How does the program work?

    • Crio is the world's most effective project-based learning platform for developers. Everything you learn in this program will revolve around building an internship-grade project in an actual developer environment. Learning through this program is quite literally similar to learning on-the-job or learning through actual work experience. While this may sound challenging, this is the best way to learn a new technology skill, and our mentors will be there to guide you through your journey. This is your chance to go beyond ineffective video based courses and bootcamps to upskill revive your career with confidence.

  • Are there any live sessions?

    • Yes. There are 3 live industry sessions, 3 live Q&A session, and hands-on workshops along the way to dive deep into a variety of concepts and help with your career prep. Live sessions happen only on weekends.

  • What if I miss any live session?

    • All live sessions are recorded and you will have access to the recordings after the session is completed.

  • Are the timings flexible during the program?

    • You are expected to spend 15 hours a week to achieve the program goals. You can distribute the 15 hours across the week according to your work schedule without missing the program goals.

  • Will I get a certificate at the end of the program?

    • Yes, you will receive a Crio Fellowship Program completion certificate along with a verified GitHub page. The GitHub page will be a personalized profile to showcase the details of the work you completed in the program. Also, all the code you write in the program will get automatically synced to your GitHub profile.

  • How do I secure a scholarship to attend the Crio Fellowship Program?

    • Scholarships are decided based on your profile and your performance in the free trial of the program. Scholarships can go up to Rs. 30,000 for deserving candidates

  • Which companies will I be referred to on completing the Crio Fellowship Program?

    • Our career team helps you find the right career opportunity through a combination of direct referrals, and identifying opportunities that you can apply to. Job opportunities span across tech MNCs and exciting product-based tech startups.

  • Is there any fixed number of companies that I will be referred to? Will Crio stop sharing jobs that I can apply to after some time?

    • No. We will continue to help you till you land an opportunity that offers at least your minimum guaranteed CTC

  • When will I start getting referred to companies?

    • The process of referrals will start after you complete 75% of the program

  • What if I don't land a job after the program?

    • You pay only part of the total fee while participating in the program. If you do not land a job that offers greater than or equal to your minimum guaranteed CTC within 6 months after completion of the program, you do not have to pay the remaining fee. The remaining fee is Rs. 29,999 if you land a job with CTC less than 15 LPA, and Rs. 59,999 if you land a job with CTC greater than 15 LPA. The remaining fee can also be paid via. no-cost monthly instalments.

  • What if I decide to leave in the middle of the program?

    • There will be no refund if you do not complete the program and leave in between

  • What if I find a job outside of your referrals and recommendations on my own that offers a salary higher than the Minimum Guarantee CTC?

    • If you crack a job opportunity offering greater than or equal to the minimum guaranteed CTC, irrespective of where you found the opportunity, you are liable to pay the remaining program fee.

  • What if I joined a company that offered greater than the minimum guarantee, but quit before 12-months?

    • You are liable to pay the remaining program fee if you get an offer above the Minimum Guaranteed CTC, irrespective of what happens next. Although, based on the reasons for leaving the company, we may continue to refer you and recommend opportunities for you to apply.

  • If I get a job, but I decide not to join at the last moment, because of the location or job profile, and retain my previous job?

    • You are liable to pay the remaining program fee if you get an offer above the Minimum Guaranteed CTC, irrespective of the next steps you take.


Elevate Your Developer Career With Real Work Experience


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