We empower developers to learn by building real tech projects

“It was a wonderful journey with several practical learning experiences. Crio made me realize that the best way to learn is by doing. I experienced the power of systematic coding, test-driven development, and scientific debugging. The constant support and push from mentors were marvelous. I honed my skills in software development, problem-solving, and debugging.”
- Anubhav Bhargava, Software Engineer
“Enrolling for Crio’s program proved to be a master stroke for me. When I joined this program, I was low on confidence about my skills, lost touch with programming - it was all low. This program helped me find back my love for programming. I grew more confident in solving problems. My development skills improved big time. The mentors responded to my doubts promptly and helped us find the right path by ourselves. The program was incremental. It started from the basics and after every completed module I saw myself making a big stride forward. Each module was demanding in itself and required a lot of googling and understanding of concepts to implement them. The team at Crio is excellent. They were so patient and professional. The four months I spent for this program are valuable. I learned a lot by implementing a lot of things in a work-like environment. I am elated that I was able to crack the very first company that I appeared for - Ninjacart. ”
- Venkata Amaresh, Software Engineer

Our learning platform emulates a work-like environment in which developers build real projects

“It was a wonderful journey with a lot of practical learning. With no experience in many of the tech stacks like Spring Boot, MongoDB, etc I still managed to build a scalable distributed backend system that is running live in Google Cloud. All this was possible because of the wonderful team at Crio who made us realise that "learning is doing". The experience that Crio provides cannot be provided to the video courses out there. Crio is completely different because you work just like a developer works in a company and build real stuff that you can showcase. Also, the capstone project at the end was a thrilling experience where we built a working feature in a limited time on our own. All thanks to the team at Crio for their wonderful support and mentorship.”
- Piyush Pant, Backend Engineer
“Crio Micro-Experiences are the best thing that has happened to me. When I applied for this program I thought it might be similar to the other programs in the market - watching assigned videos and implementing things. But I was wrong. The learning I got from Crio is incomparable. The modules were designed in such a way that without learning about the concepts enough, you won't be able to implement it. There's no shortcut. Proper time must be allotted to reading documentation, tutorials, blogs and more to cross the modules. The program made sure you get out of your comfort zone and thrive. Completing Crio experience helped me in appearing for interviews confidently and cracking one. I got placed in a fast-growing startup - VOGO automotive.”
- Roshan Dawande, Software Engineer

Crio mentors come with years of experience in top product companies

“My Crio journey was awesome and it feels great that I was a part of it! Through the Micro-Experiences I have learnt a bunch of industry relevant skills. There were several modules where I was stuck for long, but the team at Crio always kept me motivated and guided me in the right direction. My major takeaways from the program are the importance of learning how best to learn and pushing myself harder.”
- Aarshiya Khandelwal, Engineer
Western Digital
“I have completed multiple bootcamps, tutorials, video lectures and tried many types of learning methodologies that are claimed to be the best, but Crio begs to differ. An e-learning startup with a completely novel approach to hand-on learning was the best learning experience I had until now. I got to work on 4 different projects and a mini project which covered tracks like REST API, networking and network security, OS concepts, unit testing,Java libraries and frameworks (JUnit, Spring, Jackson, Mockito, among others), python libraries and frameworks, build tools (Gradle, Maven) and applied data structures. They also taught some uncommon skills like regression testing and debugging which are of importance while working on a big project but are often neglected by tutorials. Apart from that, the projects are completely scale-able applications which are modular to every need, as it's supposed to be in a product company. They deliver on their promise of providing "Work-like Experience" through their methodology.“
- Apoorv Goyal, Student Developer
Vellore Institute of Technology

Our community is filled with like-minded developers, passionate about learning by doing

I have seen many online YouTube videos and various courses on programming, coding and software development in general. Most of these involve only a few topics and give a certain level of understanding around these topics. Also this understanding is limited to what is taught by these courses unless students themselves take effort to learn more about them. Real learning happens only when we join a company or startup.

Crio’s program has proven to be an exception among all these . You will feel the philosophy of Crio, "Learning by Doing", imbibed rightfully into their extensive program. This is really a once in a lifetime opportunity for those who want to experience what software development is all about. This 10 weeks program taught me many things which seldom I could have learned from all these courses. From working my way around writing shell scripts to interacting with APIs in Java and then applying algorithms to real life problems, it was a joyful 10 week ride.
- Pratik Naik, Software Development Intern
“The past 10 weeks were nothing short of a roller coaster ride to me. From solving those tough real world problems to those countless nights that I have spent brainstorming, everything was extremely useful and will surely help me in my future.

In terms of learning the program is well formed and organised. The Micro-Experiences that are lined up have well organised modules covering in-demand interview and industry relevant skills. I would like to thank the Crio team for such a great learning experience. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn the art of "learning by doing" and wants to get an internship-like experience. Thanks Crio.Do, and I'm looking forward to participating in future programs as well.“
- Ayush Shah, Student Developer
BIT Mesra