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Take your first step towards becoming a skilled software developer by learning essential web development skills the hands-on way in this Crio free trial.

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Experience the new way of learning software development

Why Crio - True PBL
No videos or boring tutorials

Write code. Build projects. Learn hands-on.

Why Crio - Real Work Experience
True, Project-based Learning

Work on projects and activities inspired by the industry to learn new skills.

Why Crio - Attractive Scholarships
Attractive Scholarships

Participate in the free trial and earn scholarships to our Signature Programs.

Why Crio - Badges & Certificates
Badges & Certificates

Showcase your new skills from the free trial with shareable LinkedIn badges.

Earn scholarships after trial

Middle Strip

Learn by building Full-Stack / Backend projects on your own.

Earn up to ₹ 45,000 scholarship.

Learn the essentials to be the new-age web developer


Web applications running in cloud servers are accessed using REST API endpoints. Learn all about HTTP and REST APIs in a hands-on way and understand how the apps you use everyday communicate with their backends.


Modern web applications run on Linux servers in the cloud. Learn to use a Linux machine and get familiar with commonly used developer workflows.

AWS - Cloud Deployment

Wrap it up by applying all your learnings in this track. Install a real web app in a cloud-based linux server. Celebrate by inviting your friends to use your app from their mobile or desktop browsers.

Earn scholarships after trial

Developers from Crio have cracked careers in

Earn scholarships after trial

Join 1000+ ambitious developers
who've taken their career to new heights with Crio

Get more insights on how Crio can help you crack a full stack or backend role in top tech companies.

Earn scholarships after trial

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Real Work experience

Real Project-based learning

Real Skill development

With Crio

Existing ways of learning through video-based courses and expensive bootcamps aren't as effective when it comes to solving real-world tech problems.

Recruiters too, look for real-project experience when hiring developers and here at Crio, we strive to provide just that. We empower developers with high quality applied learning opportunities and build skills that translate into career growth and success.

Crio Comparision

Their cutting edge platform and pedagogical methods are a class apart and help groom engineers not only on the technical skills but also the tools necessary for today's software development industry

Industry Testimonial
Piyush Goel

VP - Engineering

Industry Testimonial

Crio trains developers to have a hunger for self-learning along with good knowledge of tools and methodologies used in day-to-day development, which are THE MOST important qualities for fast-paced and value-driven companies like Jumbotail. Looking forward to hiring more engineers from Crio.

Industry Testimonial
Ramesh Kumar Katreddi

VP - Engineering

Industry Testimonial

Earn scholarships after trial


  • Who should do Crio’s Full-Stack or Backend programs?

    • Everyone who wants to enhance their full-stack or backend developer skills with work experience of building real applications in a developer environment should enroll in these programs. If you want to take your career to new heights and are passionate about learning essential developer skills by working on internship-grade projects, these programs are a right fit for you. Participate in the free trial to experience Crio first hand and earn assured scholarships for both these programs.

  • What jobs will Crio’s program prepare me for?

    • Crio’s programs will prepare you to ace interviews for Full-stack or Backend Developer roles in exciting tech startups, product-based companies, and tech multi-nationals. Our in-built career assistance will help you to crack interviews with resume review sessions, group mock interview sessions, curated concept-wise DS-Algo problems, system design workshops, job search assistance and more.

  • What can I expect from Crio’s program?

    • Crio’s programs will arm you with practical skills that translate into career growth and success at work. You will work on an eclectic range of projects - guided as well as independent - where you’ll build scalable web applications and gain real work experience while advancing your learnings. You’ll walk away with a verified project-portfolio on GitHub that will impress recruiters.

  • How are Crio’s programs different from other online courses?

    • Existing ways of learning - video-based courses or expensive bootcamps, don’t provide the real skill development needed when working in a top tech company. Crio’s project-based learning allows you to work on internship-grade projects and multiple hands-on activities in a real developer environment to learn new skills.

  • Is any certification granted at the end?

    • Yes, you’ll receive a certificate at the end of the Full-Stack and Backend program. In addition to the certificate, you’ll also receive a verified project-portfolio on Github.

  • What kind of job search support will I get?

    • Our in-built career assistance includes services like career coaching, resume/profile review, personalised career planning, group mock interview sessions, curated concept-wise DS/Algo problems to crack interviews, system design workshops, tips to get noticed by recruiters, job search assistance and a lot more.

  • Do I get any scholarship?

    • This free trial is your opportunity to experience Crio first hand and earn scholarships. By actively participating and completing the free trial, you can earn an assured scholarship for the Full-Stack and Backend programs.

  • Is there an EMI option?

    • Yes absolutely. We have a 18 month, no-cost EMI option for both our Full-Stack and Backend programs.

  • How will my doubts be solved during the program? Do I get mentored?

    • Learning on Crio is similar to learning on-the-job or through an internship. Our Crio mentors will guide you when you are stuck or have questions while working on our internship-grade projects. You can raise your questions on our Forum or Slack workspace to get help from our mentors. Apart from this, the Crio learning platform also unlock hints when you are stuck. We will conduct immersive live sessions, usually on weekends, to deepdive into concepts, and clear any doubts or questions you may have.

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Earn scholarships after trial


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