Crio featured in StartupTalky

Crio featured in StartupTalky

India produces the world's largest number of Computer Science graduates (2.15 lakh) each year, and there are multiple reports to indicate that over 80% of these graduates have skill gaps. Some reports indicate that CS graduates in the US (around 65000 per year) are much ahead of their Indian counterparts in their ability to use their skills in a real-life environment.

On the opportunity side, there is a rapid increase in jobs in software product development due to tech disruption in most industries. These tech companies look for real experiences and a strong work portfolio in the profiles of their prospective engineers while hiring. But the opportunities for engineering graduates to get real experience and build a portfolio are very few and dispersed.

That's precisely what Crio is solving.

Crio is a unique experiential learning platform, where developers 'Learn by doing' and not by just listening/watching videos or lectures and answering questions. The users build real products in a structured fashion through Crio Micro-Experiences whilst learning key software tools, concepts, and frameworks. They learn to handle scenarios faced by engineers working on live products by taking the avatar of an engineer in a real tech company.

Read the full article here.

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