Plan Your Next Big Career Move in Tech

Plan Your Next Big Career Move in Tech

We are launching Reboot ‘23, a month-long career guidance fest. With this, Crio focuses on providing awareness of emerging career opportunities in tech, career transition roadmaps, expert guidance, and career booster benefits for interested professionals and students. Our plan behind this is to leverage the learnings curated from enabling ~1000+ careers in the last 2-3 years and help future aspirants to plan their next big career move in the coming new year 2023.


As a country, while India has the largest workforce in the IT-BPM sector (~5.2M) and the largest number of engineering graduates per year (~700K), a large part of this workforce is under-employed with respect to the earning potential and quality of work/impact compared to their potential.

While the tech industry is also facing the impact of a global economic downturn temporarily, the potential of the technology across industries and the opportunities a digital career presents are the best ever. If you look ahead, the next decade is going to be defined by tech innovations across industries and this change will be powered by qualified tech talent.

If we can help our professionals/students to learn and gain experience on relevant technologies and competencies with best-in-class quality at scale, India can grab this generational opportunity and emerge as a digital technology talent partner for the world. This will also help us bring millions of professionals out of under-employment and empower them to build rewarding and impactful careers.

How do we plan to change?

Crio provides unique work-experience-based learning programs where learners take an avatar of a software engineer working in top tech companies and learn and gain experience step-by-step with personalized learning paths and premium mentoring. Along with required software development foundations, it also provides an in-depth, interview-focused System Design & Data Structures Algorithms curriculum to ace dev interviews in top tech companies.

With Reboot ‘23, we will focus on emerging career opportunities in tech, transition paths, and sharing proven roadmaps based on Crio’s learnings of enabling ~1000+ careers in the last 2-3 years.

Reboot with Amazing Benefits

As part of Reboot ‘23, we are hosting multiple events with industry leaders, expert mentor panels, success recipes from alumni, and interview-focused workshops, and offering limited-time scholarships worth Rs 1,50,000:

  • Exclusive invitation to FREE events with Industry Leaders and expert mentors on 10th Dec 2022-

    • Roundtable discussions with Expert Mentors discussing the evolving industry, emerging tech opportunities, and how to take charge of your career

    • Exclusive invitation to a Fireside chat with Rathinamurthy, co-founder at Crio.Do and Utkarsh B, Chief Architect, Flipkart

    • Panel discussion on career transitions with Crio Alumni sharing their success recipe and how to crack it

    • Proven Career Transition roadmaps based on Crio’s curated learning for diverse tech roles

    • Interview preparation-focused learn by doing workshops

      • Problem Solving using Crio Methodology
      • Full stack foundations workshop
  • The first 500 users deciding to choose Crio as a partner for their next big career move and enroll in our programs during this month will get:

    • Reboot Career Booster Pack worth Rs.1,00,000

      • Two 1:1 mentorship sessions with mentors from top tech companies
      • Exclusive access to additional elective programs in Cloud/Dev-Ops or ML Engineering
    • Scholarships worth Rs.50,000

We are really excited to share our success recipe and systematic approach for career transitions with the larger community through Reboot ‘23. This is mostly reflection and curation of our learnings over the last 2-3 years working with 1000s of professionals/students and tech companies. We believe Reboot ‘23 will help us accelerate our mission and help us impact 10,000 careers in the upcoming year 2023.

How to get started

  • Free registration for every participant who is a working professional or in their 3rd/4th year of college.

  • The schedule will be shared with you

If you’re setting up career goals for the new year and want to make it in 2023 as a developer, Reboot ‘23 is a great opportunity! We have helped thousands of developers reach their career goals and would love to be a part of your next big career move.

Register now for the free events and unlock scholarships worth Rs 1,50,000.

Rathinamurthy R

Written by Rathinamurthy R

Building Crio.Do, Passionate about tech and creating large impact!
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