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How does it work?

Step 1
Take an Assessment

Complete our application and participate in our coding assessment to be eligible for the externship project.

Step 1
Build Externship Projects

Build our 8 week externship project to showcase your skills.

Step 1
Get your Project Reviewed

Get your project work reviewed by experienced developers and become a Crio Launch developer with a personalised profile.

Step 1
Interview & Get Hired

Get interviewed by the best product-based companies in India through Crio.

You pay nothing to become a Crio Launch developer.

Your effort is the only investment!

Designed for

Student developers in
their final year of college
Working professionals with
up to 3 years of experience

What is an externship?

Externships are experiential, project-building opportunities, similar to internships, but shorter and part-time. Crio externships are a great opportunity for you to solve real-world problems in a setting similar to a tech startup, and showcase skills that will help you advance your dev career.

Crio Launch Externship Structure

Clear the coding assessment to kickstart your journey to becoming a Crio Launch developer.

Past Externship Projects

Externship projects are inspired by or developed in direct collaboration with some of the hottest tech organizations and startups in the country. Here are some of the past projects Crio Launch developers worked on,

Personalised Crio Launch profile that recruiters trust

Showcase your competencies, tech skills, and externship project work to prospective recruiters with your very own Crio Launch profile

Join our community of developers who have reached new career heights

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