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Oct 17 - Oct 31

Celebrate Open Source. Build Crio MicroBytes for the community and bag rewards.

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#IBelieveinDoing Hacktoberfest Edition

Get started with your first Open Source PR. Build Crio Byte and bag rewards.

Team Crio is thrilled to be back with the brand new edition of #IBelieveinDoing.

This time, #IBelieveinDoing just got more exciting with the finest tech fest of the season around the corner; Hacktoberfest- a global Open Source fest for the developers.

The Open Source community is growing, and tech giants are already becoming the top contributors. What’s the best way to grow in such an environment?

The answer is simple-Engage, share, commit, contribute.

So, here we are with- #IBelieveinDoing Hacktoberfest Edition.

In this 14-days event, get started with your first Open Source PR while building your own Crio MicroBytes or suggesting changes in the existing ones. Oh, Microbytes are small learning modules for the developer community to get a focused idea about certain concepts. What are you waiting for?

Get ready to dip your toe into the Open Source and be a part of the hustle in the tech community.


Hacktoberfest Kickoff call

Introduction to Open Source

A Guest Session on “Importance of Open Source in your career journey”.
October 17 | 11 AM - 12 PM
Contribute to the Crio Open Source

As a Creator

Choose a topic given by Crio or your own topic and build learn by doing content(MicroBytes) for developers.

As a Learner

Help in improving the created MicroBytes with your suggestions and feedback.

Event Debrief

Wrap up the event with a Debrief session based on the top performance during the event.
October 31, 11.00 AM (IST)

What is in it for you

If you are among theYou get
Best Creator50% scholarship + Goodies
Best Learner50% scholarship + Goodies
Top 50 performers25% scholarship + Goodies
Assured certificate of achievement  to showcase your Open Source contribution.

Highlights from the previous edition

Check out the top Believers of Doing and their astounding experience with #IBelieveinDoing!

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Ready to leave your mark in the world of open-source with your contribution?