6 Unique Python Projects Everyone Is Talking About

6 Unique Python Projects Everyone Is Talking About
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Python has consistently been one of the topmost languages for programming across multiple fields, and with it, grow the use cases which it can support.

You must have come across a few such use cases in the previous blog - 6 Best Projects For Python Developers (2022). And in this blog, we are going to explore many more interesting applications of Python programming.

1. Data analysis using big data tools

Python projects - Data Analysis using big data tools

Big Data is one of the most disruptive areas in the industry today. To be able to manage and utilize terabytes of data to generate actionable insights is a skill that will find ready requirements across sectors. And such data cannot be directly stored on traditional RDBMS like MySQL, given its size and complexity. There need to be tools to aggregate the data so that it can be used.

In this project, you will be using HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) and Pyspark to fetch the NYC yellow taxi dataset, load and process it, converting it into a format that can be stored and queried on a MySQL database.

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Skills to hone

When you complete this project, you will be able to flaunt the following practical skills:

  1. Pyspark
  2. Big Data
  3. HDFS
  4. Working with Jupyter Notebooks
Crio Projects - Data Analysis using Big Data Tools

Who should try this

This project is a great opportunity to strengthen your basic knowledge of Pyspark, Linux and Hadoop file systems.

Since this project is made using Linux, a Cloud solution like AWS EC2 will be required in case you do not have a Linux machine.

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This is an intermediate Python project that can be completed easily within 20 hours.

Know more about the project and get going with it!

Check out the project steps

2. YouTube transcript summarizer

Python projects - YouTube transcript summarizer

Deep Learning-Natural Language Processing and Web Development are two favorite choices of beginner Python developers.

But what if you could not only learn both of these, but also create a project that you can use in your daily life?

In this project, you will be creating a Chrome extension that summarizes a YouTube video from its transcripts. This is done by implementing an NLP model from the popular Huggingface library.

This project is a time-saver for YouTube viewers and a remarkable addition to your dev portfolio. Completing this project will showcase your command over full stack development using HTML, CSS in the frontend and Flask for the backend, along with the concepts of NLP.

Moreover, you will gain transferable skills of creating a Chrome extension into a web app. This is a valuable skill given the huge popularity and scope of extensions.

Here’s another interesting browser extension you can build using JavaScript

Crio Projects - Codechef Notifier


By the end of this project, you will be able to flaunt these skills:

  1. Natural Language Processing
  2. Creating a chrome extension
  3. Back End development - REST, Flask
  4. Frontend development - HTML, CSS

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Who should try this

The project involves multi-domain implementation, which will be interesting for web developers with basic experience in web development. This is an intermediate Python project that can be completed comfortably within 30 hours.

Want to know more? Check out the project and get started with a recommended action plan!

Crio Projects - YouTube Transcript Summarizer
Check out how to do the project

3. Discord bot for stocks

Python projects - Discord bot for stocks

The stock market is known for its volatility, and has great potential to be analyzed with the help of technology. The faster you analyze and the better you understand, the more informed decisions you make. So, why not create an app that helps you (and your friends and family), analyze faster and understand better!

In this project, you will be making a bot that can track stock prices and support queries like historic data, graphical representations, and send them as messages on communications platform Discord, using python libraries like Pandas and Plotly, and Discord APIs.

Crio Projects - Discord bot for stocks

Skills to hone

By the end of this project, you will have a strong command over the following skills:

  • Creating a Discord application/bot
  • Working with APIs in Python
  • Data visualization in Python using Pandas and Plotly

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Who should try this

This intermediate Python project is best suited for those with some experience in Python and APIs, since these would be used extensively throughout the project.

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You can go from start to finish in about 25 hours.

This project will test and train you to become a master in web development, interacting with APIs, architecting Discord applications, and data visualization libraries. In addition, you will also have a sturdy tool to get automatic stock updates without the hassle of manually checking stock prices!

Know more about the project and build your own version of a discord bot today.

Get started with the project

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4. Weather forecasting app

Python projects - weather forecasting app

The weather for the day determines a lot of our activities. An application that can give you regular weather updates, customized to your needs would be super handy, don't you think?

In this project, you will be creating a weather forecast application using Streamlit, a Python framework for creating web UI components, OWM (Open Weather Map) to fetch the weather data, and Matplotlib, to display the data graphically.

This project is especially unique because you would be creating a web application with practically zero HTML, CSS. In fact, with nothing but Python!

Take a look at the demo of how this app works.

Crio Projects - Weather Forecasting App

Skills to hone

By the end of this project, you would have gained deep hands on experience in the following skills and tools:

  • Python libraries of PyOWM, Streamlit
  • Working with APIs in Python
  • Data visualization in Python using Matplotlib

Who should try this

This Python project is a great value add for developers who have a decent background with Python libraries. The best part is that you can build the entire app in about 15 hours.

Want to give this a shot? Check out the project's step-by-step instructions and complete it all by yourself!

Check out the project overview

5. Python interpreter

Python projects - Python interpreter

Interpreters are software tools that most developers consider black-boxes, where you put in high-level language code, and it converts it into machine language. It runs smoothly without you worrying about how that happens.

But how does this work? Are you curious to dig into the details? This project gives you a complete understanding of

  1. how this works,
  2. how the Python/JS code is parsed by the interpreter,
  3. how the appropriate system calls are made, and
  4. how it is run.

It can even put you on track to improve some limitations of the existing interpreters!

You will gain all the practical knowledge you need by implementing a CLI-based interpreter that can accept statements in a high level programming language (like Python), and parse and execute them - starting with easy functions such as mathematical operations, and advancing to variable checking to evaluating bracketed expressions.

Crio Projects - Python interpreter

Skills to hone

By the end of this project, you would have a thorough understanding of the working of high level programming languages, and how they are evaluated and run on machines. Not just that, you would have even picked up essential skills for a developer such as:

  1. Working with the command line
  2. String parsing
  3. Infix expression evaluation
  4. Lookup tables.

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Who should try this

Given the complexity of the project, it is a great challenge for experienced developers who are comfortable with Python or any other programming language.

That said, it takes only about 25 hours to complete the entire project by following the recommended action plan.

Curious to know more? Head to the project and get started when you're ready.

Check out the project steps

6. Machine Learning preprocessing CLI

Python projects - Machine Learning preprocessing CLI

More than half of a Machine learning project is preprocessing - cleaning the data by feature scaling, removing null values, so that models could be trained against it to give accurate predictions. This is often a tedious task, and it would be great if this could be automated.

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In this project, you will be building a command line interface application that can take input of the dataset, preprocess the data in stages, and finally output the cleaned data. With this application, implementing your next Machine Learning project would take much less time than usual.

Crio Projects - Machine Learning Preprocessing CLI

Skills to hone

Via this project, in addition to a basic understanding of the flow of a Machine learning application, you will master these Python skills:

  1. Object Oriented Programming in Python
  2. Pandas,
  3. Exception handling

Who should try this

Experienced Python developers with a flair for Machine Learning are encouraged to try this project. The entire project will take close to 30 hours to complete if you follow the step-by-step instructions given in the project plan. Go check it out and start working on it today.

Go to project, now>

These projects have been contributed to Crio Projects Hub by Crio's budding community of developers. If you found these ideas interesting, show your love by liking this article. We would also love to know the project that got you excited the most - let us know in the comments below.

If you are wondering how to contribute your project to the hub, drop in your interest here, and we will get back to you.

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