Free Python projects (2021) - Get started right away

Free Python projects (2021) - Get started right away
Download 20+ unique project ideas

The scope and popularity of Python spans across web, Machine Learning and Data science fields. Its easy to understand syntax, well defined language construct, and active agile community support make it a favorite among newbie developers and fast-growing tech companies.

As an increasing number of companies take to Python and its frameworks like Django and Flask to build microservices, automate tasks and create platforms, practical knowledge of Python can be a powerful point on your resume for top product based companies.

So, why not build something truly resume-worthy with Python?

List of Python projects

1. Stock Visualization-Forecasting dashboard using Dash

Python projects - Stock Visualizer and Forecaster

Inspired by Scam 1992, nearly everyone has a newfound interest in the stock market these days. Knowing how volatile the market is, every trader definitely needs a stock visualizer that can help them make better trading decisions. Even better would be to have a visualizer that can also make forecasts using Machine Learning. And that is exactly what you would be building in this project.

Skills to hone

When you complete this project, you will be able to flaunt the following skills in Python in your resume:

  1. Web Development
  2. Dash Python
  3. Data visualization
  4. Machine Learning

Ready to start this project?

Who should try this

The project is best suited for those with a basic understanding of Python, HTML, and CSS syntax.

The difficulty level is intermediate, given the libraries require some understanding of syntax. Beginners are encouraged to first ramp up their understanding of the prerequisites and then attempt going through the project for best results.

Time needed. A time of around 25 hours would be needed from start to finish.

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What you will be doing

Stage 1 - You will start by creating the directory structure and installing the required libraries.

Stage 2 - Here, you will create the website’s structure using Python’s Dash library, which is like a wrapper for HTML elements (Imagine! Creating a website while barely writing any HTML.)

Stage 3 - Next, you will add styles to the website, because come on, pure HTML is not exactly breathtaking to look at.

Stage 4 - Here is the sweet stuff. You will be using the yfinance library to fetch stocks data, and visualize it graphically using the Plotly library.

Stage 5 - Looking at stock movements is one thing, analyzing the patterns and forecasting movements is another level of cool. And that is what you will be doing here, using the Sklearn library.

Stage 6 - After all the effort you have put in, wouldn’t it be great if you could have the world see it and put a link on your resume? You will be using the Heroku platform to deploy our application, so that it can be used by anyone!

Voila! You will have it - a fully functional stock visualizer and forecaster that you can use to go through stock details, and add to your resume as a portfolio project.

You can even expand the project to include more features like multiple graphs, improved predictions and more!

Start doing, it's free!

2. CLI Based chat tool

Python projects - CLI based chat tool

Are you one of those people who are growing increasingly wary of how WhatsApp might use your chat data? Why not make a simplistic chat app yourself, one that runs via the command line so that you get that ‘hacker’ feeling?

In this project, you will be creating a CLI-based multi-user, multi-room chat app using the threading and socket libraries of Python. The project will not only help you gain an intricate understanding of multithreading and sockets, which are interview favorites, but also build a tool you and your friends can actually use to communicate!

Trendy web development project ideas - download and get started right away

Skills to hone

When you complete this project, you will be able to flaunt the following Python skills in your resume:

  1. Socket Programming
  2. Multithreading
  3. Databases and deployment

Curious to start the project?

Who should try this

The project is best suited for those with a basic understanding of Python.

The difficulty level is intermediate, given an intricate understanding of multithreading and socket programming would be involved.

A time of around 35 hours would be needed from start to finish.

What will you be doing

Stage 1 - Get introduced to Multithreading as a concept. Implementing it in Python, a high level language requires a detailed understanding of the concept, and the libraries you will use to implement it.

Stage 2 - Many of you would have come across sockets in college courses, or while preparing for interviews. But how exactly do sockets work in chat apps, and how Python works with them - that is what you will find out in this section.

Stage 3 - You will now put to use your newfound understanding of sockets and multithreading from above to create a first version of a chat app. This will only be a single room for now.

Stage 4 - Once you have the app working, you will extend it to allow multiple chat rooms, for different users to join in and have conversations in isolation.

Stage 5 - It does not end there. In addition, you will add logic to save chat history to a DB like TinyDB/MongoDB, so that it remains persistent across sessions.

Stage 6 - It would be the best if this worked on a public IP, so that multiple users across devices and networks could communicate. That is exactly what you would implement here.

Start doing, it's free!

3. Stack Overflow Auto Search tool

Python projects - Stack Overflow auto search tool

Few resources are more useful to a developer than our second home, Stack overflow. But right now, you need to type out errors on the browser and look for answers manually. Wouldn’t it be cool if, based on the errors your code throws, it automatically searches those errors on Stack overflow, and opens the answers in new tabs? That way, you save the effort of finding out the error and looking for an appropriate answer.

Skills to hone

When you are done with the project, you would have learnt the following Python developer skills:

  • How to interact with REST APIs
  • How to make HTTP requests
  • Work with different Python libraries like subprocess, webbrowser, which have several utilities

Take a look at the complete scope of the project here.

Who should try this

This Python project is beginner friendly. You are encouraged to get familiar with Python syntax and HTTP requests before starting out, to make the process smoother.

The entire project is expected to take a total of 15 hours from start to finish.

Beginner to advanced level web development project ideas you can start building by following the step-by-step plan

What you will be doing

You will be creating a Python script that takes a program as input, checks for errors, uses the StackOverflow API to find answers to those errors, and returns the answers in a new tab.

Stage 1 - You will start with a PoC (Proof of Concept) implementation of the Stack Overflow API to get familiar with it.

Stage 2 - Next, you will use the subprocess module to extract the errors that your program runs into, and store it in a format searchable by Stack Overflow

Stage 3 - Once you have the error, you will make a request to the Stack Overflow API with the error, and get the links that cater to that error. You will then use the webbrowser module to open the extracted links in a new browser tab.

Stage 4 - So far, the script would work well for Python programs only. You can extend the script to work for other languages like C++, Java etc

Stage 5 - Finally, push your code to Github and share your creation with the world.

Start doing, it's free!

4. Web scraping facebook bot

Python projects - Web scraping Facebook bot

Sharing memes is a sworn birthright of a programmer, one that most of you would have exercised. Most often, sharing memes is cross-platform, you find memes on a particular platform, say Reddit, that you want to share on your FB wall. You take a screenshot, and send it along.

What if there were a LOT of good memes? A lot of screenshots.

Here’s a way you could do it better - write a script that could scrape memes off a source, and send them along automatically to go sit on your Facebook wall.

That ‘hacker effect’ that was only limited to movies that you watched in awe, can now be replicated by you, for you, as your friends would watch in awe.

Skills to hone

When you are done with the project, you would have learnt the following Python skills:

  • Automation using Selenium
  • Web scraping and the Python libraries needed for that
  • Interacting with RESTful APIs using HTTP methods

Check more details here.

Who should try this

The project is for those who have some experience working with Python, with the difficulty level being intermediate, since it requires some understanding of Python syntax and experience working with APIs.

It would take around 25 hours to complete the project from start to finish.

What you will be doing

Stage 1 - You will start with using the Reddit API to fetch a list of memes from a subreddit(you can think of it as a channel) using PRAW, a Python Reddit API Wrapper.

Stage 2 - You will then use the Selenium web driver to accept the memes and their associated captions and post it to your Facebook.

Stage 3 - This would be a script-runs-when-invoked feature. you would next make it more automated. you would write the functionality to regularly fetch the posts from the subreddit and update the facebook wall/page periodically.

List of trendy projects to learn serialization, deserialization, game development, and more skills - Download [free]

Stage 4 - Finally, you would push your code to Github, and deploy your app using a platform like GCP(Google Cloud Platform)

And lo and behold! You have this application that just accepts the subreddit you want to peel stuff off, and post it to Facebook. You can customize it to go to get content from other sources, or even post to sources other than Facebook.

Start doing, it's free!

5. Chatbot song recommender system

Python projects - Chatbot song recommender

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to capture your mood and play songs according to that? Why not make an application that does just that! And that too without having to learn Natural Language Processing/Deep Learning from scratch.

In this project, you will be building a chatbot that converses with a user, and recommends songs based on the emotional analysis of the conversation using open source tools like the Cakechat chatbot, IBM tone analyzer API and songs API. The benefit of using these APIs is that you don’t have to think of creating and training models from scratch, and can just use them out of the box.

Skills to hone

When you are done with the project, you would have learnt the following skills:

  • Tone Analyzer/Song APIs
  • Working with a chatbot and customizing it

Check out the project here.

Who should try this

The project is of intermediate difficulty, and would need previous experience with Python and APIs for the best experience. it would take around 50 hours to complete the project from start to finish.

What will you do

Stage 1 - You will start with setting up the chatbot using Cakechat, an open source chatbot utility. It is a server that you can chat with using the command line.

Download the ultimate mini projects guide resource here to learn how to choose the right mini project and find more project inspirations.

Stage 2 - Next, you will set up the IBM tone analyzer API, which will capture the tone of each sentence of the conversation.

Stage 3 - Next, you will set up the songs API which will accept the tones as tags from above, and fetch songs based on the tags to recommend to the users.

Stage 4 - Then, you will be fine tuning the chatbot to ensure that the users of your application get accurate recommendations.

Stage 5 - Finally, you will put it all together into either a CLI based application or a Django/Flask server, that exposes APIs to make the user go through the workflow.

Start doing, it's free!

6. Cricket alerts in Python

Python projects - cricket alerts in Python

If you are a cricket fan, you would know the excitement of sharing cricket score updates with your friends and family. But it would be even better if you did not have to manually check scores every now and then, and then go to a messaging app, but rather, have the updates sent automatically to you. It would not only help you stay updated, but also save a lot of time.

That is exactly what you will be building in this project.


When you are done with the project, you would have learnt the following skills:

  • Working with REST APIs and HTTP requests
  • Creating a chatbot
  • Jackson

Don't miss this project if you are a cricket fan!

Who should try this

The is a beginner Python project, and carries enough detail for a user to start from scratch. It would take around 15 hours to complete the project from start to finish.

What you will be doing

Stage 1 - You will start with a PoC implementation of various elements of the project to ensure that you are at home with the elements involved.

Stage 2 - You will then start with the actual project itself, using the cricinfo API to fetch score data using HTTP requests.

Stage 3 - Now that you have the data, you need to send it to users, which you will do using telegram send, a python package that uses the telegram API

Build web scraper tools, multiplayer games and more - download the complete free projects list today!

Stage 4 - Now, it would be reasonable to expect periodic score updates given automatically, so you will add functionality to check the score and post notifications every interval.

Stage 5 - Next up, optionally, you can spice things up by improving the app by making this into a chrome plugin, extend telegram to also allow some other application, and so on.

Stage 6 - Finally, you can publish your code to Github so that the community can go through it and use it!

Start doing, it's free!

With these projects, you will not just have a wholesome portfolio of projects to showcase to potential interviewers, but you will also learn a lot in the process, because what better way to learn than ‘Learn By Doing’!

Do you agree? Hit a like and tell us in the comments the project you are excited to start right away.

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