Crio's Success Stories

Crio's Success Stories

An important part of being a developer is to not only write code but also solve real problems. While reading materials and video content can definitely help you learn a skill, at some point, you will have to sit down and start applying your knowledge.

Developers who have experienced learning with Crio have realized that the best way to Learn software tech skills is by Doing. The project-based learning approach on Crio’s platform not only gives you an opportunity to work on real-world tech projects but also a flavor of working in a real tech company.

Build a solid base to grow your developer skills

Turns out that the first thing employers look for is real experience in a developer’s profile. If you are a student who is aspiring to work in a leading product company, the projects you choose in your college days play a deciding role in the evaluation of your tech skills.

Crio's idealogy of Learning by Doing is so aptly fit in all these modules that one becomes a brilliant debugger along with a good coder. I found it a lot easier to learn something by being a part of it, rather than just watching some videos, or studying lecture notes. This made me realize that learning can turn into real fun. – Kushal Shrivastava, Madhav Institute of Technology and Science, Gwalior
The Crio team brought really challenging backend projects to work on based on Networking, OS, Automation, Security, REST APIs, Java, Spring framework, etc. Each module needed to be completed in a specified time keeping in mind the quality of coding work and industrial norms. Crio team always helped us whenever we were stuck by not giving us solutions but hints to proceed in the right direction to solve our problems on our own, which I liked the most. I learned a boatload of new technologies and tools. Crio has not only helped to hone my existing skills but taught me new ones as well. Also helped me gain better insights into Industrial projects than any other program. – Divya Shahi, Institute of Engineering & Management 104


Become a skilled Backend Developer

The demand for skilled backend developers continues to rise across the software tech industry in India today. Whether you are a student or a software professional, you will find yourself getting out of your comfort zone as Crio’s Backend Developer Track shapes you into a confident Backend Developer.

I was skeptical at the beginning of how I would go on with the program, but I felt a high level of satisfaction after the completion of each module. It helped me regain my confidence in Java. Also, I'm taking a bag full of new concepts that I proudly can say I'm confident enough to implement those at any level.  – Mohammed Abdul Mannan, Muffakham Jah College of Engineering & Technology
Starting out without any prior experience in web development whatsoever, I must admit I was a bit nervous, but the program was structured in such an effective manner, one could go through the entire program and get significant inputs, given he or she puts in the appropriate effort. This program definitely involves a lot of Learning by Doing. The TAs help us only if we are stuck for too long and mentoring sessions are quite insightful. The amount of industry-relevant experience one can get here is tremendous and would definitely recommend this to people who are just starting out with backend web development. – Bisesh Kumar Padhi, IIT Bhubaneswar
I had sufficient experience in Java but was rusty, also never had experience with scalability. This surely helped me brush up a lot of the basics and also gain some knowledge of scalability. – Vikhyat Prabhu, Senior Software Engineer @Blaize


Land opportunities in the best of tech

Working in a product-based company is a dream come true for a developer, isn’t it? Crio strives to make that dream come true for you. Crio’s career-accelerator programs focus beyond just your technical skills. With guided assistance to build your portfolio and several mock interviews to boost your confidence, we make sure you land the best opportunities to excel in tech.

The Program was more about coding and learning rather than just listening to a class. It was divided into several modules and every module requires different technology, and you learn how to use it in the best possible way to solve real-world problems. The mentors were very supportive and guided at every step. I liked the way they designed this program. It helped me in enhancing my knowledge of many technologies. After the successful completion of the program, Crio shared our profiles with various companies for internship opportunities. Through Crio, I got an opportunity to get interviewed at Urban Ladder. – Chandrajeet Choudary, Software Engineer @Urban Ladder
It was completely different from typical learning. It has helped me not only to think end-to-end about the product but also helped me in learning how to take any Idea to Product, A product that’s hard to fail as I have also learned the art of unit testing. Apart from this, the program also introduced me to the fascinating world of System Design. I remember discussing why this particular design is better than all other alternatives, why the other design won’t scale etc. Soon after I started discussing and implementing these concepts in my actual company and accelerated my work on new Proof Of Concepts(POCs) and Building micro-services that are equipped with best practices. The entire program turned out much more helpful than I actually thought. All these have helped me in confidently appearing for a job interview. Getting a new job, even during a pandemic was so easy because of Crio’s Program. – Parth Patel, Software Development Engineer, Ninjacart
By joining this program I was able to know my potential and it also enhanced my knowledge of many technologies. The learning process through this program is unique in its own way, different from the several other programs out there. Crio's concept of Learn by Doing makes come out of your comfort zone, stretch yourself beyond your limits, and work consistently until you achieve your goals.
In each module, you learn a new technology -- how to use it in the best possible way to solve real-world problems, expected from a good engineer. The modules are designed in such a way that you will understand the fundamental concepts in-depth and the technologies used to implement them. After successfully completing the program, Crio referred me to several startups and helped me with the process. I got placed in one of the top startups in India - Playment. – Kamesh Bakshi, Product Solutions Engineer @Playment


Rathinamurthy R

Written by Rathinamurthy R

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