Crio.Do: A project based learning platform

Crio.Do: A project based learning platform

Have you heard the saying -- I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand?

That’s exactly how you learn software skills in Crio.Do.

Crio is a project-based learning platform built to redefine the way tech is learned today. Across the world, numerous engineering graduates are waiting to step into the tech industry. Yet the demand for skilled developers remains huge.

Why we started Crio

Learning passively through videos and lectures are not making the cut, and many developers admit that their real learning starts in an internship/job or on a challenging project.

Being engineers ourselves, our main motivation was to create a solution for engineers that we wished existed for us back in the day -- a curriculum that mirrors the learning that happens once you get on-the-job.


How you learn on Crio

Learning happens as you don the role of a developer to meet product requirements of a leading tech company. Throughout the role-play, you are challenged to solve real-world problems as you build real tech products like a food-ordering app, a secure file-sharing app, etc.

From the start, you will be encouraged to learn all software tech skills in an applied way. Along the journey, you get a sense of working in a real work environment.

When the going gets tough, Crio mentors come forward to nudge you with useful hints that will help you figure out a way to keep moving forward in your learning journey.


What you get out of it

As a result of being actively involved while learning, you gain practical skills that stay with you for a lifetime. The project based learning approach sets you up to face real-world tech problems as you get:

  1. Experience of working on real-world tech projects.
  2. A safe learning environment to make mistakes and learn with guided assistance.
  3. Exposure to the best development practices applied by successful developers.
  4. Hands-on skills to talk about in your next job interview.

The structured modules will help you pick up key developer skills as you pass from one milestone to another.

Crio talent shaping tech

Leading tech companies like -- Flipkart, Visa, Rakuten, Reliance Jio, and many others already trust Crio with their learning needs. The cream of Indian graduates who join these companies go through Crio learning programs as part of their onboarding process.


Capillary has been working with Crio for about 2 years and have used their learning platform for onboarding fresh engineers in our team. Their cutting edge platform and pedagogical methods are a class apart and help groom engineers not only on the technical skills but also the tools necessary for today's software development industry. Within 2 weeks, we have been able to effectively teach the content that used to take us over a month. We highly recommend Crio for any learning/teaching requirements.

Developers upskilling with Crio have also successfully made their mark in the best of tech.

In the initial 2 weeks, I felt like I can’t take it anymore and I wanted to drop off. I was low on confidence about my skills, lost the touch with programming - it was all low. Crio helped me find back my love for programming. I grew more confident in solving problems, my development skills improved big time. The mentors responded to my doubts promptly. It was no hand-holding stuff, the mentors helped us find the right path by ourselves. With each passing day, I grew more comfortable and skilled. Now I feel that carrying on was the correct decision.

I am elated that I was able to crack the very first company that I appeared for - Ninjacart. The team at Crio were constantly in touch with me after each round, having discussions as to where I could have done even better. The mock interviews they conducted really helped me improve my confidence.

Final thoughts

Our goal is to make Learn by Doing your daily mantra and empower developers to become better learners for life.


Rathinamurthy R

Written by Rathinamurthy R

Building Crio.Do, Passionate about tech and creating large impact!
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