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Jumbotail is a top tier VC funded startup, building an online wholesale marketplace for food and grocery, targeted at wholesale buyers. Our vision is to organise the food and grocery ecosystem in India using technology, data science and design. Jumbotail Marketplace offers a wide selection of products including staples, spices, dry fruits, packaged foods, and FMCG products. Sellers (traders, manufacturers, and brands) can list their food, grocery and FMCG products on Jumbotail Marketplace which is accessible to the customers through a mobile app available in 4 languages – Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi and English. Jumbotail provides full stack services including storefront delivery and payments collection for its sellers, as well as working capital credit from third party credit providers to its customers using rich transactional data and proprietary algorithms.

While our market potential is huge – in the order of hundreds of billions of dollars, the opportunity requires us to solve challenging problems that are so unique to India that copycat models will not work. We are putting our customers first and building technologies, products, platforms and services, and cutting edge supply chains that will work for the next billion Indians who have fundamentally different needs – access, language, selection, supply chain, financial, cultural, operating in distributed, chaotic and unstructured environments.


GPS based Asset Tracking Portal

Build an application to track the location of a company’s assets (trucks or salespeople) in a given area. The application should have a central dashboard displaying the current geographical location of all the assets, using a map overlay. The person monitoring the dashboard should be able to select a particular asset to view all its details.

Take it to the next level by implementing features such as geofencing, anomaly detection based on preset routes, and generating location data for pattern analysis.

Cash Flow Management App

Build an application that enables small business owners to track all their credit and debit transactions in one place. The application should have the provision to enter individual transactions for each entity (vendor, customer etc.). It should be capable of pulling up historical transactions related to a particular entity or show the overall cash flow summary.

Take it to the next level by adding support for payment reminders, report generation, automatic updates when transactions are added etc.

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