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At Vicara, we develop technology & solutions that augment the capability of humans to work with their digital surroundings. Instead of developing technologies that replace humans, we develop technologies that augment and improve them. We are currently working on a multitude of products that include an AR Headset, a productivity tracker as well as interfacing devices. The interested candidates will get the opportunity to work directly on these products and see the impact of their work directly on the customers. Additionally, the interested candidates will get the opportunity to take ownership of their work and grow along with the company, both personally as well as financially.


Storage Drive for Enterprises

Implement a Storage Drive for digital assets which can be adopted by enterprises and integrated with their other systems. Existing services such as Google Drive or DropBox don’t provide this flexibility and also increase the storage cost. You will start by building the basic functionality like authentication, uploads, downloads, organizing (folders), viewing and deleting files on a user friendly interface. You will take it to the next level by making it scalable and implementing additional features like favourites, recent uploads, and link based sharing. You will also implement API based upload/download that enables customers to integrate it with their workflows and other systems.

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