slice is a Fintech startup focused on Young India. We are building a smart, simple, and transparent financial platform to redesign the life experience for millennials. There are 400M+ millennials in India seeking experience and convenience in their day to day life. The rise of these digital natives and the strong emotional connections that they maintain with the brands they love gives us opportunities to create a new generation of financial products. Our flagship product, the slice Card, is a payment card designed for customers in the 18 – 29 age group and comes with a pre-approved credit line. Issued in partnership with Rupay, the slice Card can be used to make payments to merchants everywhere; online and offline. Today, there are more than 150,000 individuals who use slice for their daily transactions.


Doc Library with Digilocker Integration

Build a library that supports upload of documents and images from DigiLocker and other popular data sources. The library should provide the necessary integration with DigiLocker. It should also have the ability to send these files to a backend which stores them with appropriate authentication and authorisation.

Take it to the next level by integrating with other data sources such as your mobile’s photo gallery, Google Drive etc. Add features like doc resizing and image cropping.

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