Top 5 React Projects To Add To Your Resume In 2022

Top 5 React Projects To Add To Your Resume In 2022
Everything that can be done in Javascript, will be done in Javascript. And React is Javascript's torchbearer.

It might be unbelievable to think that the React has been out in the open for less than 6 years, and yet, has managed to be one of the leading libraries for frontend web development, to create super functional, aesthetic UIs, and work alongside multiple NPM packages and libraries.

Creating a React project would indicate not just your expertise of the library and those associated, but also provide you a ready-to-view portfolio project that you can link to in your resume - one of the best ways to make your resume stand out.

Without wasting much time, jump in and pick your favourite from the top 5 React JS projects that you can get started with right away.

1. Resume Builder

Javascript projects - Resume Builder

Any software developer's journey is characterised by long hours trying to create the 'ideal resume', one that is crisp, to the point, correctly formatted and easily update-able, and many existing resume builder tools that provide these are paid ones.

In this project, you will create your own resume builder application using React and Material UI on the Frontend and Node-Express for the backend.

By working on this project, you will have three advantages:

  1. Learn full stack Javascript development with React-Material-Node-Express, all of which are extremely useful technologies in your journey as a professional software developer.
  2. Build your own application that you can use in your daily life.
  3. Iteratively build up on the application to provide more features, better UI and ace those interview questions!

Who should try this project

One of the simpler, attractive, and noteworthy Javascript projects for beginners, this Resume builder application is perfect for web developers looking to sharpen sought after skills and technologies in a span of 15 hours.

Skills to gain

  • NodeJS
  • Express
  • React
  • Material UI
  • React Bootstrap
Demo of the Resume Builder Application using NodeJS and ReactJS
Check out project details

2. Slack Clone

Javascript projects - Slack Clone

Slack is one of the most widely used collaboration and messaging platform used by software teams worldwide, and boasts of a wide range of functionalities and sleek UI. Recreating the major features of the app will give you an experience of React-Redux for creating the application, and Firebase for database and hosting.

You will implement features like user authentication, public channels, DM features, and private channels, and optionally, even notifications, user profile edits and more!

This will not just add to your skill set, but also give you a valuable portfolio project to boast. Not just that, this is something you can even use for yourself!

Who should try this project

Given the large scope and expanse, this is an advanced Javascript project that can be easily executed if you have a good grasp of HTML, CSS and Javascript. The basic version of this clone will take about 100 hours to build. You can even continue to build additional features to make this an eye-catchy final year project.

Skills to gain

  • Advanced React-Redux
  • Firebase
  • Web application development
  • Website hosting
Demo of Slack Clone using React-Redux and Firebase
Check out project details

3. Amazon Clone

Javascript projects - Amazon Clone

An e-commerce platform is a very popular software development use case that would not just train you on the most essential concepts of full stack development, but also be a great primer for you to take a shot at working at Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra or any such company.

Such a project would be equivalent to having a number of other smaller projects, given its expansive nature.

In this project, you will be recreating some essential functionality of Amazon using React, Firebase and even integrate payment options using the Stripe API, making it even more real-world.

Who should try this project

If you have a strong background in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, this is the perfect project to advance your skills to the next level. It takes about 100 hours to build this Amazon Clone from scratch and has plenty of scope to add additional features to make it an attractive project to showcase in interviews or as your final year project.  

Skills to gain

  • React
  • Firebase
  • Stripe API
Demo of Amazon Clone using React and Firebase
Check out project details

4. Markdown Editor

Javascript projects - Markdown Editor

Writing blog posts in Markdown (fun fact - this blog post is written in Markdown) is an increasingly common trend, given its clean look and easy rendering. This project would not only allow you to learn Frontend web development with React and associated libraries, but also use this application to set up your own blog!

This project aims to use the React Remarkable library to convert React code into Markdown, and will employ the industry-prevalent concepts of React Hooks and the Context API.

Who should try this project

Are you looking for something quick and easy? And at the same time walk away with immense learning? This beginner friendly JavaScript project is what you are looking for as it takes about 5 hours to build if are already comfortable with React.

Skills to gain

  • React Hooks
  • Context API
  • React Markdown
End product of your Markdown Editor app built using React
Check out project details

5. 450 DSA Tracker

Javascript projects - 450 DSA Tracker

Data structures and Algorithms are like the entrance examination to coding interviews and given the large amount of material, working on it in an organized fashion would give you the best shot at acing it.

Well, why not sharpen your React skills, by making a DSA tracker web app, that you can then use to keep track of your DSA journey!

In this project, you will be using some pretty exciting tools alongside React, to create an app that would render the questions from the popular Love Babbar's 450 question list, and allow you to tick them off, and even upload code solutions for future reference.

Who should try this project

React web developers who are looking to level up their skill level or showcase their knowledge with an interesting project should definitely try this out as it takes only 40 hours to complete from start to end.

Skills to gain

  • Typescript(A superset of Javascript)
  • Building custom Context APIs
  • Custom React Hooks
  • IndexedDB
Demo of 450 DSA Tracker
Check out project details

Thus, these were the top picks for React projects across all difficulty levels, for you to Learn React by Doing! If you found these JavaScript project ideas interesting, share it with your friends, and let us know in the comments, which project you found the most interesting.

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